Gas and Vapor Separation

The membrane research programs have widespread actions both on basic membrane material development, as well as membrane gas separation processes. The main concentration of the research is CO2 detention by membranes (from flue gas, natural gas sweetening, biogas upgrading) and hydrogen retrieval from various mixed gas streams. Along with these energy focused gas applications, there is also current research on membranes for chlorine separation. The membrane materials to be considered are of various types of polymers, nano-composites, carbon membranes, and modified glass membranes. Many plants and industries use vapor-permeable membrane to permeate the extra condensable vapor, often in aggregation with a second process such as condensation or absorption. The compressed feed gas is sent to a condenser. On cooling the gas, a portion of the propylene is detached as condensed liquid. The residual uncondensed propylene is detached by the membrane system to produce a 99% nitrogen stream. The propylene-enriched permeate gas is recycled to the incoming feed gas. The liquid propylene condensate contains some dissolved nitrogen, which is removed by flashing to a lower pressure. The development of vapor/gas separation technology and its emergence as a recognized sector of the membrane separation business.


  • Natural Gas Purification
  • Gas Separation/Filtration Applications
  • Vapor Phase Dehydration
  • Process Design

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